About Us


At Find Your True Love, we know how important it is to have that special someone in your life.  In today’s world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet people in a traditional setting.  We lead demanding lives.  Our work and family responsibilities are ever growing, and having a day to sit back and relax just about never happens.  It’s no wonder dating has become so challenging.


Online dating has given us an incredible opportunity.  It opens up the doors to meeting people we never would have met otherwise.  A well-written profile increases the odds of meeting these people exponentially.  Once you have captured a reader’s attention and the email conversation ensues, the rest just falls into place.


Many people struggle with writing their profile.  It can be tough to write about yourself, and often people just don’t have the time.  Find Your True Love owner and operator, Wendy Payson, has firsthand experience in the online dating world.  She has done extensive research on what makes a profile successful, and she has researched the proven results behind these theories.  This experience, along with a bachelor’s degree in communications and marketing and a career in community relations, make Wendy the obvious choice for the creation of your profile.






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