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I began this website because true love is something I very much believe in.  I believe that somewhere out there is the absolute right match for each and every one of us.  Sometimes they are our high school sweethearts, sometimes they are our first husband or wife, and sometimes we need to date a number of people before we find them.


Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to find that person by chance—perhaps you see them regularly in the grocery store, perhaps they go to your church, perhaps they work for the same company, perhaps they are on your bowling league.  There certainly are infinite possibilities in everyday life where we might run into that person.


However, we aren’t all that lucky.  Many people have chosen to try online dating, and have had tremendous success.  Online dating opens up a world of people you would not otherwise have the opportunity to meet.  You can exchange a few emails, and then decide if that person would be someone you are interested in dating.  It’s incredibly easy, and it has resulted in myriad marriages over the years.


I am no stranger to online dating myself.  I’ve been married and have an amazing son from that marriage.  After that I was in a very long-term relationship with a wonderful man—but ultimately not the man for me—and so that ended several years ago.  I am still good friends with that man and, in fact, have helped him with his online dating profile.  I’ve dated people whom I’ve met in everyday life circumstances.  And, of course, I’ve done my share of online dating.  I’ve learned a lot, I’ve become more open-minded, and I’ve become more patient (or at least I think I have).  I am happy to report that I am no longer in the online dating scene because I have a new life partner, someone who I have no doubt is my true love.


Online dating can be lots of fun, and I wholeheartedly believe that it is entirely possible to meet your true love online.  But it does take work.  It takes a quality profile that showcases who you really are, good pictures, and a lot of patience.  That’s where Find Your True Love can help.  We can make that profile of yours stand out above the others.


Don’t lose any more time searching for Mr. or Mrs. Right.  Contact us today!


– Wendy


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Wendy Payson has firsthand experience in the online dating world.  She has done extensive research on what makes a profile successful, and she has researched the proven results behind these theories.  This experience, along with a bachelor’s degree in communications and marketing and a career in community relations, make Find Your True Love the obvious choice for the creation of your profile.